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The birth of the long-awaited BUDDY comes soon. And our team is preparing for the day that BUDDY arrives at your front door. In anticipation of his arrival, we are excited to announce the launch of the BUDDY’s Forum!

As promised, we wanted to make sure that all of you who have adopted a BUDDY or would like to adopt one have a place to discuss Your Emotional Robot.

The BUDDY Community forum will be the source of open communication where our most cherished members will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, share concerns and suggestions and finally be involved in the co-creation process to bring BUDDY together. Our wish is that this forum helps shape Your Emotional Robot as well as provide an improved relationship with our team.

The forum welcomes users in need of support and our backers' members who want to discuss any topics related to BUDDY.


  • News: Use this part of the forum to find announcements about BUDDY. This is where the BUDDY team posts company updates, product release information, and other important communications.
  • Ideas & Features: Use this part of the forum to provide any ideas you think can make BUDDY even better. Let us know if there is a BUDDY feature you absolutely love, or maybe a feature you think would improve BUDDY’s capabilities.
  • Developers: Developers can use this part of the forum to discuss technical topics, application proposals... The development forum will complement our SDK platform, which will still be used to track and discuss technical issues
  • Making BUDDY: Use this part to join the discussion as we share all the upcoming features we’re working on! Polls and Voting may be conducted on this section of the forum to work together to develop and design new features and services for BUDDY.
  • BUDDY Owner Lounge: This group is dedicated to BUDDY owners. This is a place for BUDDY parents to come together and share their personal experiences with their new companion. You might find some good tips or tricks from your fellow BUDDY owners! RULES: Please be respectful!

Please make yourselves feel at home. Jumping in is easy! You just need to become a member of the community in order to post in the forum. For our backers, please register with the email address used when you first pre-ordered your BUDDY.

We are absolutely committed to making this forum a genuine channel for two-way communication, for sounding out ideas and hearing feedback. And, we hope that this forum will ignite vibrant discussions on all things BUDDY related. We look sharing more about the things we've got.


Rodolphe & all the BUDDY’s Team