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Intellectual disability

Hi BFR, I originally purchased Buddy for my mother but she has since passed so now I want to use Buddy with my middle aged, intellectually disabled sister. She appears to act like a moody teenager but her true comprehension is that of a 5yo. She can barely read and all the teaching material I can find is designed with children in mind so she rejects it.

Can you develop learning modules for adults with intellectual impairment by making them fun but geared towards adults? Although having Dr Seuss read by Buddy would be awfully cute, and I'm sure we could do that too but could you partner with some teaching experts to help her improve her communication skills, manners, basic reading and writing, puzzle solving and arithmetic?

One other point, my sister has trouble understanding a lot of words, perhaps a picture of the item with the word on the screen if she says "what do you mean?" or "what's that?"

She is always telling Siri, "I love you", will Buddy be able to respond verbally in kind and not just glow his 'heart'? Some ideas would be to play a cute video of people hugging, or baby animals playing or play a love song in addition to his verbal response. Another idea is to show a photograph of her hugging buddy while playing some music and love hearts overlay the some of the screen, or Buddy loves XXXX so much shown on the screen. It's almost a pity that Buddy doesn't have two screens so his cute face could be there while these other things are happening.

I imagine Buddy can engage in actual conversation. Can I pre-program some interactions and if so, will Buddy be able to understand some level of context?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


I guess Buddy would help somehow or other. Buddy project was born from the idea of helping the most vulnerable people and their loved ones.

This is what we aim to acheive one day but it is important to understand that robotics state of art isn't ready yet to reach all expectations.

Yes, some of our partners are able to program Buddy to interact, teach, play. Buddy is a programmable device, provide a disruptive new human interface but with limitations such as understanding human intends and adapting to the unknown environment.

Some of your use cases will be fulfils by specific partners. We (Blue Frog Robotics) provide hardware (Buddy + Accessories) and SDK and some Apps which will demonstrate the abilities of Buddy. Our developers community will provide Apps and services all dedicated to special needs.

Programming Buddy at high for end users is on our RoadMap. We already have an App 'BuddyLab' that can let you build blocks sequences that Buddy plays.

Hope that answers some of your requests.