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Projector Arm And Docking Station

I am an Indiegogo backer that backed the Buddy variant that includes a projector arm and docking station. While we've seen delay after delay on Buddy's creation, I've yet to see anything mentioned about Buddy's accessories such as the aforementioned.

Anyone have any idea if those accessories are still in the plans?

Excellent question. I backed the accessories as well. Any update would be appreciated.

I backed them as well. Please advise us regarding your plans for those accessories.


Thank You,

Jeff Richards

-paid in February of 2016

Also here the same remark/question. Never read anything about this projector arm anymore. Even when I suppose there is not such a whole lot of development possible when it comes to a (led?) projector, it would be nice to know that it will be provided?

Same question for me...

hi everyone, I think that implementation of projector arm and docking station come to the next future. The real problem now is how the company find a new funds to start the mass production of Buddy. One, start delivery to backers. Two, everyone else can buy Buddy when is available again to allow the company to make profits. I agree with the company for delaying the release of Buddy if it doesn't meet the standards set. But until they solve this problem i don't think they will development more the projector arm, docking station or other projects

I feel at this point we are lucky to get anything. Remember they are going to ask us for more money soon. 

Hi everyone, 

We totally understand your concerns regarding the delivery of the accessories that you have also pre-ordered and we apologize for the lack of communication on this part as our priority so far is to make everything we can to make BUDDY lives up. The good news is that we made good progress on the design of BUDDY docking station that we plan to release at the same time of your BUDDY. 
Then, other accessories release should follow reasonably soon after delivering your BUDDY. We'll do our best going forward to keep you updated on what's going on for the accessories design.


The BUDDY Team